Wow! September has already ended and new signs of Autumn appear every day. The green Summer leaves are becoming flecked with gold and floating to the ground. More and more birds begin their long migration to warmer weather. The temperatures at night have gotten colder in the van as well. We sleep with two blankets and sometimes long pants. The nights could be colder but since there are five of us sleeping in such a little space, we keep each other warm.
Before we started traveling the world, we lived in a very large house. It was about three thousand square feet if you count the front yard and the back. Now that I think about it, I took all the space for granted. I had my own room and I decorated it about once a month 🙂 Last year, we hit the road in a Class A RV. We drove all around the United States for a whole year. My mom homeschooled us and we learned lots more than most public schools teach. After one year in the RV, we decided that we wanted to expand our travels and buy a campervan in Europe. Now, here we are! We have been traveling for almost three months now in our Ford Nugget camper. It is about thirty square feet. Nobody has very much personal space or quiet time. Somedays, we drive each other absolutely crazy! I don’t know how we manage sometimes but we always make it through.

I think of the small space as an opportunity to see new and amazing places. With small spaces comes great places! With the van, we have been able to park in new places that we never dreamed of going in the RV. Now we can park right on the beachside or on a breathtaking cliff.

Thanks for reading my blog! I really like writing about our travels and my views on this trip. I hope you enjoyed reading this and will come back next week for my new one. Byeeeeee!
-Fiona Vrapi