September is here and most kids are buying their school supplies and cute new clothes for the year. My brother and I are currently traveling the world in a red van, being homeschooled. Just like in public school, we study math, reading, writing and History. We also study other subjects public school doesn’t cover such as Greek and Roman Mythology, Astronomy, Languages, and Life Skills. For Languages my brother and I are learning Italian. We know over two hundred words and phrases! My brother can read way above his grade level and I have developed a love of creative writing. Homeschool has really been a great thing for us!

The only downside of being homeschooled is that I haven’t been able to spend time with many girls my age. The social aspect of school is one of the best parts of a public school. Now that we’re in Europe, it’s much harder to keep in touch with my friends back home. The time difference is really a difficult thing to work around. Now that school started, my friends are at school until the afternoon. I am getting ready to go to bed by the time they get home. It’s been hard but we still manage.

The question that most people ask me is where am I most excited to go. That’s a very difficult question to answer. The pictures of Asia are very captivating and Chinese food is the best! I think that is the place I am most excited to go. The Asian culture is very fascinating and I want to learn about their various traditions and holidays.

This trip has been absolutely amazing! I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to be able to experience all of it. My family and I are exploring this beautiful planet one step at a time. We’re discovering amazing new cultures traditions and FOODS!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I’m still not very good at it, but I’ll keep practicing. Buona Notte!